Pangea – The Beatles Revival Band performs songs by The Beatles as faithfully to the original as possible, including period instruments, costumes, hairstyles and movements. Performances are suitable for a wide audience – company events, balls, city celebrations, weddings and private parties.

Something about Us

PANGEA - Thanks to years of experience and a professional approach, The Beatles Revival Band ranks among the best on the European revival scene.

Each year, Pangea performs dozens of gigs at revival festivals, oldies parties and balls, in rock clubs and in cultural centres. The band is a highly demanded guest at various city and beer festivals, grape harvests and open-air events.…

What Do We Play?

Come and Listen

Date Start Town Place Event
so 18.9.2021 po 19:00 Moravičany prostor za Sokolovnou 100 let Sokolovny v Moravičanech
so 25.9.2021 15:30 Novosedlice u Teplic křižovatka ulic Hraniční a Malodrážní motosraz
čt 30.9.2021 20:00 Praha KC Zahrada veřejný koncert
ne 3.10.2021 17:00 Gera (DE) Museumsplatz Höhlerfest

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